Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Retro Wave: 80s inspired synth music network & then some

How about some current musicians who make the 80s flavored music? Do they exist? For sure they do! If you're looking for some of that old synth sound smoothness and dreamy atmosphere in the music, then New Retro Wave would be a music network to take a look into. Personally, I really dig a lot of the bands they present on their Youtube channel and website, where you can find a lot of promising Retrowave scene musicians from amateurs to more professional ones.

Many of those artists successfully combine elements of the 80s synth sound to a modern production. I like most of the bands, which use mostly only those retro-sounding elements, keyboards, and drums in the composition; while not really fond of the bands which put too much modern sounding wave instruments in to the mix. It's matter of preference, really, though. Those old style drums, claps, and soft synth waves really bring Jan Hammer's "Miami Vice" soundtrack to one's mind at the times.

Here are some the suggested bands, which in my opinion capture the 80s synth sound the best way out of the Retrowave scene: Android Automatic, Action Jackson, Compilerbau, Dance With The Dead, Flash Arnold, FM-84, Kristine, Let Em Riot, Miami Nights 1984, MK Ultra, Niky Nine, Ogre, Perturbator, Robert Parker, Starforce, Sunglasses Kid, Tommy + Cobra Copter (not part of New Retro Wave network), MPM Sountracks (not part of New Retro Wave network), Com Truise (not part of New Retro Wave network).

On below, I've given a few of my favorite tracks linked from Youtube. When I want something smoother than hard rock or heavy metal from the 80s, this is my way to go. There you go. Enjoy!

(King Fury soundtrack feat. David Hasselhoff)

(STARFORCE & Action Jackson - Time Shock)

(Niky Nine - 909 & Heartbreak)

(Miami Nights 1984 - Accelerated)

(MPM Soundtracks/Multipac - Summer Of '84 (Original)

(Kristine - The Danger)

(Robert Parker - SHOOTER)

(Nightstop - PoWer Prostitute)

(MK Ultra - Coast To Coast (feat. Vidcomm))

(SelloRekT/ LA Dreams - Sweat)

(Let Em Riot - Traces)

(Cobra Copter - Chrome City)

(Highway Superstar - Skylines)

(Red MarKer - DMC 12 Gauge)

(Volkor X - Welcome to Badass Inc.)

(Turboslash - Deathracer)

(New Arcades - Lights)

(LazerHawk - King of The Streets)

(Killstarr & Dream Fiend - Ocean Club)

(Compilerbau - Neon Drive 84)

Click here to visit New Retro Wave website or Youtube channel.

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